About Bag Monster®

The goal of the Bag Monster® Blog is to keep you up to date on the reusable bag movement and related environmental news while providing comical updates on Bag Monster® whereabouts. It is our hope that this blog can be a place for positive and open discussions. We encourage all our readers to leave comments, ask questions or give feedback.

Who Is the Bag Monster?

We know that single-use bags are easy to spoof since they’re such a bad idea, so ChicoBag™ company invented Bag Monsters®. ChicoBag™ inventor, Andy Keller, had been using a huge ball of 500 plastic bags to show people at farmer’s market how many plastic bags an average American uses yearly – and one day he decided to wear it. Thus was the spawning of the first Bag Monster® (costume that is).

The Bag Monster® is a costume worn by your volunteer to visually show the impact single-use plastic bags have on our environment. These flighty bags end up in trees, along roadsides and washed up on sea shores. Each costume is decked out with 500 plastic bags, the average amount an American uses in one year.

You can remind your community about the Bag Monsters® that could be growing under the sink or in their kitchen drawers! Bag Monster® suits are the perfect satirical, educational tool for teachers, activists and anyone looking to educate their community about the importance of reuse. Contact bagmonster@chicobag.com to invite the Bag Monster® to your event!

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