Lawmakers File Competing Bills As Columbia’s Plastic Bag Debate Heats Up

Posted by — February 25, 2015 3:20 pm


Missouri legislators, Rep. Dan Shaul and Rep. Mary Nichols, each propose a new bill on opposite sides. Shaul believes that what is most important is the consumer’s choice. Shaul knows the grocery industry quite well, he is not only a Missouri legislator but also the director of the Missouri Grocers Association. Shaul’s bill would outlaw local  bans on plastic bags and allow consumers  to have their choice.

While allowing customers to have their choice may keep them happy, Melenie Cheney, the assistant program manager of Missouri River Relief, says that plastic bags already make up most of the trash in the river. Nichols looks to continue progression and help consumers to not only be buyers but conscientious buyers. Nichols’ proposed bill focuses on removing any competitive advantage for the ban. Since cities and neighboring cities are all different shapes and sizes, it makes it difficult for companies with closer borders to keep consumers that would normally shop in their stores. Nichols’ bill would implement a statewide plastic-bag ban to stop consumers who are able to cross city lines. Read more about it here.

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