Deck the Halls with Plastic Garbage

Posted by — December 16, 2013 11:25 am

Recently, there have been sightings of a new species of Bag Monster. They are circular in shape and their favorite place to congregate is on human’s front doors!

This species, like all Bag Monsters are created by humans. Except, after the regular Bag Monster growing process, in stead of leaving the creature under the sink, or in the pantry, humans craft them into circular “decor-a-tions” -yes, I believe that’s how you pronounce it.

Like all Bag Monsters, the Wreaths can come in many different colors and sizes.

Be ware of this new species of Bag Monster. I have heard that they are not very nice, and tend to say things like. “Bah, Humbug” very often.

Ye Be Warned!

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