Cows in South Sioux are Fed Up with Plastic Bags

Posted by — February 11, 2013 10:26 am

Opposing sides of the proposed bag-ban in South Sioux City, Nebraska recently took to a city council meeting in order to present their arguments.  Rick Bousquet, a local dairy farmer and member of the Dakota County Board of Supervisors, proposed the ban after he lost five of his cows, worth an estimated $5,000, due to ingesting plastic bags that blew onto his land.  According to Bousquet, “Bags are in trees, in fences, in the hay.  You can’t get rid of them.  The livestock eats them and you can’t figure out what’s wrong with them until you do an autopsy.  If people were to use reusable bags, the problem would be gone.”

Renae Behrends, store manager at South Sioux City’s Wal-Mart said, “Eliminating plastic bags is not going to eliminate litter. The core of the problem is that people have to care enough about their community to not litter.”  She was also concerned that customers would head to neighboring cities to shop for the convenience of being able to use plastic bags.

Would people really be willing to give up the convenience of shopping in their own city of residence for the convenience of using disposable plastic bags?

At this point, the South Sioux City council has yet to take action on the problem, and the state of Nebraska has no cities with plastic-bag bans in place. However, as seen in other parts of the country, it just takes one city to lead the way and acknowledge that plastic bags have no city limits when they’re blown in the wind.

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