State-wide bill to ban plastic bags advances in California

Posted by — July 9, 2012 11:06 am

A statewide movement to sack plastic bags gained momentum last week when a Senate committee in Sacramento approved a ban similar to the one Solana Beach passed in April.

Several related initiatives are advancing a future where customers must bring their own bags to checkout counters or pay a small fee for a paper bag. Plastic bag prohibitions haven’t gotten much local traction beyond Solana Beach, but they cover roughly 50 cities statewide despite lawsuits by pro-bag groups determined to stave them off.

In May, Los Angeles became the largest city in the nation to phase out plastic bags, which have emerged as a symbol of larger efforts to conserve natural resources and control ocean pollution. Now, ban backers such as Environment California are calling for uniform statewide rules rather than the emerging patchwork of policies.

“The last time this bill had a real serious effort was 2010, and that time, there was only a handful of cities that had banned plastic bags,” said Dan Jacobson, legislative director for the environmental group. “Now in 2012, we have 49 cities that have banned plastic bags … so legislators understand (the policy).”  Read the rest of the article at UTSANDIEGO


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