Posted by — June 12, 2012 5:17 am

While those of us on the mainland attempt to reduce our dependence on single-use plastic bags within our city and county borders, Hawaii has taken the huge leap to become the nation’s first state to completely ban plastic shopping bags.

According to USA Today, the Honolulu County Board of Supervisors recently passed a ban on plastic bags, as well as paper bags that are not made with at least 40% recycled content.  The ban is scheduled to take effect in July, 2015.

What makes the Board of Supervisors action in Honolulu County unique, is the previous passage of similar bans in all three of the existing counties in the State.  Kauai and Maui counties have already voted for and enforce bans, while Hawaii County’s ban takes effect  Jan. 17, 2013.   These bans, in total, effectively make Hawaii the first state to banish the environmentally damaging bags from their shores.

We salute you, Hawaii!

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