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Posted by — January 26, 2012 8:04 pm

Courtesy of new York Times

For an overview of the problems that plastic bags cause our environment, as well as some of the solutions, take a listen to the newest Annie Leonard podcast:  “The Good Stuff — Episode 1:  Take THAT, Plastic Bags”
Annie  Leonard has a lengthy and far-ranging conversation with Andy Keller of ChicoBag.  Annie also talks about her journey to Asia, where she tracked those plastic bags that folks throw into their local recycle bins.  Annie reports that according to the U.S. Commerce Department, massive amounts of plastic goes overseas, only to be burned and buried in landfills over there.
Take a moment and take a listen!
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  • Sustain WI

    We are working on a similar plan to eliminate plastic bags in our community; however, I wonder if anyone has suggestions of what to use to hold kitchen garbage? It seems that the single use plastic bags use much less plastic than buying heavier trash bags. If we want to get rid of plastic bags, we need to have solutions to offer people.