Plastic Bag Bans — They’re Not Just for Cities, Counties and States Anymore

Posted by — November 3, 2011 6:50 am

Bag Monster made an appearance at a recent San Diego State University Earth Day celebration. Photo courtesy of SDSU

On a regular basis, we highlight those communities that are making efforts to reduce consumption of single-use plastic bags. However, there is a growing movement at universities across the country to eliminate plastic bags on their campuses as well as the cities where the campuses are located.  Here are just a few:

University of Oregon, Eugene: A campus branch of OSPIRG (Oregon State Public Interest Research Group) is calling for a plastic bag ban in the city of Eugene.  They recently fanned out and and collected hundreds of signatures following the failure in the Oregon Legislature to pass a state-wide ban.  Soon after the failure, the Portland, OR City Council quickly passed a plastic bag ban for that city’s large retail stores.

California State University, Long Beach:  A ban on plastic bags at the University Student Union and other shops on campus may begin as early  fall 2012, after a unanimous Associated Students Inc. resolution recommending the ban was sent to the Director of Bookstore Services, according to the student newspaper Daily 49er.  This resolution follows in the wake of Long Beach, CA passing a ban on single-use plastic bags in May, 2011.

Tufts University , Boston, MA. Since April of this year, student environmental advocates have been lobbying to have plastic bags abolished on campus, as well as from the local grocery stores just off-campus.  The students have held protests, collected signatures on petitions and held “Awareness Fairs” to educate other students and faculty members on the consequences plastic bags have on the environment.

Ithaca College, Goucher College, Northwestern University, Santa Clara University, William and Mary College, are among the many universities who formally urge their students and faculty to utilize reusable bags, rather that single-use plastic. Many schools hand out reusable bags at the beginning of the school year.  Almost all colleges and universities now have sustainability policies in place which are widely publicized within their collegiate communities.

Once again, we applaud and encourage all those who are trying to clean up their part of our world.   Working together, we are making our planet a cleaner, safer place to live.



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