Today | Human Population Reaches 7 Billion – Bag Monster Population Still a Mystery!

Posted by — October 31, 2011 2:34 pm

On a planet with a growing population exceeding 7 billion, and with a finite supply of fossil fuel locked deep within its crust, is it still rational to take extraordinary risks to extract this precious and limited resource and use it to make single-use disposable plastic products that are made to be thrown away?

If you haven’t kicked your single-use bag habit, consider this: The earth’s Population today is 7 Billion.  The average American uses 332 disposable plastic shopping bags per year.  If everyone in the world used single-use bags as we do, the annual consumption would be 2.3 Trillion bags per year.  If tied end to end, this consumption would circle the Earth 17,676 times every year.  Can you imagine this?  This chain would circle the Earth 48 times every single day.

Around the world, there is a growing realization and movement to reduce unnecessary single-use waste.  The poster-child of this movement is the single-use plastic bag.  Over 25% of the world’s population live in communities that have chosen to move towards reusable bags and away from the unnecessary waste, litter and environmental degradation associated with unnecessary disposable single-use plastic bags.  Check out our BAG BAN MAP.


Sources: U.S. International Trade Commission. Polyethylene Retail Carrier Bags from Indonesia, Taiwan, and Vietman. Publication 4080. May 2009, pg. IV-7. – View Full Report

Calculation is based on the following: 2008 bag consumption, according to U.S. International Trade Commission = 102,105,637,000. Earth’s Circumference = 131,480,184 feet, Average bag length = 1ft.

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