First New York City Votes Against Single Use Bag Habit

Posted by — July 12, 2011 4:12 pm

The ban of single use plastic bags will go into effect in Southampton Village, NY in September. Courtesy of

Whenever we report on single use disposable bag legislation, it is most often connected to a municipality on the West Coast of the U.S.  However,  the ban of plastic bags in the small village of Southampton, caught our attention for a fairly important reason:  Southampton Village is the first municipality in the state of New York to enact such legislation.

On April 26, 2011, the town Board approved the ordinance  in a 4-1 vote.  In a show of strong opposition, Stephen Rosario of the American Chemistry Council appeared before the board.  He  explained that he believes that existing state law encouraging recycling supersedes any new legislation which would prohibit single use plastic bags.  After his appearance, however, the board voted and approved the ordinance.
The legislation appears to enjoy widespread community support, including business owners.  In a quote from the local newspaper, the Southampton Patch,  Michael Mosolino, owner of  Deli Counter Fine Foods stated “At first I thought, you know, maybe they’re just going a little wacky on the village board,” he said. He then watched a documentary on harmful effects of plastic bags and other plastics to the environment, “Bag It”  He continued, “As businesses, we do look at the dollar, the penny; every penny counts, but now we have to look further.  If you take this,” he said, holding a take-out plastic food container, “and you throw it in your microwave, we are potentially hurting our customers and our children.”
The ban is scheduled to take effect in six months and applies to retail stores, sidewalk sales, farmers markets, flea markets and restaurants.  The communities of East Hampton Village,  Southampton Town,  and Westhampton Beach are now considering similar bans.
Way to Go New York!!!