Environment California Keeping Us Informed

Posted by — July 28, 2011 9:10 am

From time to time, we highlight different organizations that we believe are making a difference in the fight for a healthier planet.  The number of these groups (thankfully) continues to grow.  Of course, there are thousands of quiet heroes that keep these organizations  running, and if we were to start naming individuals, we would quickly run out of room before we could even get a really good start.

Today, we would like to give a two-thumbs-up to Environment California, which is a  statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy organization. Their  staff takes a multi-pronged approach, combining independent research, practical ideas and advocacy.

Recently, much of their energy has been focused on giving encouragement and information to cities and counties that are seeking ways to reduce plastic bag usage in their communities.    Environment California has recently released their report,  Leading the Way Toward a Clean Ocean:  Communities Around the World Take Action Against Plastic Bags. We urge all our readers to read this accurate and timely study of community solutions to reducing the use of plastic bags, on an international level.  Further, their Action Page provides a space for anyone to pledge support to a myriad of pending actions and causes.  There is also an Online Action Center which provides updates on various energy issues and activities within the state of California.

We encourage you to visit Environment California to see what you can do to help make the spaces around you cleaner, safer, healthier.


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