Bag Monster Reports On Sad State of Affairs

Posted by — July 19, 2011 4:09 pm

Bag Monster Gonna Just Go Somplace and Blow Around

El Cerrito, Hercules, Pinole, Richmond, San Pablo, San Carlos, Belmont, Foster City, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel .  The list of cities that are considering bans on poor Bag Monster and all his family seems to have grown ten-fold in the last few days.  All these cities (and, OMG, probably more that Bag Monster has not heard about) have been perched, just waiting to see which way the wind would blow me.

All of this turmoil, as a result of a unanimous, and pesky,  decision  by the California Supreme Court.  You know, the one where the judges ruled that the city of  Manhattan Beach, could go ahead with their ban on Bag Monster’s family?  Who would have thought that little Manhattan Beach would be so anti-Bag-Monsters and that they would battle all the way to the highest court in California?  The way Bag Monster heard it, they were oh-so-concerned over their beaches and waterways.  Bag Monster LIKES the beaches.  Bag Monster LIKES the waterways…Bag Monster LIKES burrowing into the sand for a nap.  Bag Monster likes all those things and the humans of Manhattan Beach REALLY didn’t like Bag Monster.

So, that’s that.  Bag Monster doesn’t even want to get into the fact that Portland, Oregon is getting ready to ban plastic bags later this week.   It sounds like a done deal, but PLEASE email the City Council, or better yet, Mayor Sam Adams.  Bag Monster really does like Portland and wants to stay !

OK, enough bad news.  You know Bag Monster always trys  to stay positive, as unrealistic as that may seem to some humans.  Bag Monster gonna go someplace, kick back and wait for the next breeze…

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