Long Beach – Passes Bag Ban on May 17, 2011

Posted by — May 18, 2011 8:25 am

Arrrrrgh – The humans of Long Beach have taken it a step too far and have banned the very source of Bag Monster’s existance – Plastic Bags! Under the ban, which is based on one that is going into effect this summer in unincorporated parts of LA County, the distribution of single-use plastic bags would be prohibited at most grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, supermarkets, farmers markets and other retail stores that sell food and similar items. Heavier bags, such as those used by Target, are less disposable and less able to become airborn and wouldn’t be prohibited under the law.

At least, they dealt with paper bags (my long time nemisis), requiring a charge of 10 cents per bag. The ordinance would go into effect Aug. 1 for large stores, which is one month after the county’s law goes into effect. Smaller stores and farmers markets will have until Jan. 1 to comply with the new ordinance.

Bag Monsters across the planet are outraged and ask the citizens of Long Beach “What about dog poop? What are you going to do? Use a bread or tortilla bag, god forbid – a piece of newspaper or a pooper scooper? We think not!”

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