This Week: Plastic Bag Bans

Posted by — March 15, 2011 8:45 pm

Santa Monica’s Bag Ban Began Wednesday
On March 9th, the Single-Use Carryout Bag Ordinance took effect in Santa Monica, California. Retailers are no longer allowed to supply a plastic bag. The only paper carryout bag allowed must be a recycled paper bag.

Enforcement of the ordinance begins September 1st of 2011. This grace period allows the retailers to deplete their supply of plastic bags. It also allows time to educated the citizens about the ordinance.

Santa Monica City Council passed the ordinance with the intent to reduce the environmental impact of plastic and paper carryout bags. The Council also wants to promote the use of reusable bags.

Will Aspen, Colorado Place Fee On Single-Use Bags?
At an Aspen City Council work session in January, 2011, Council directed staff to draft an ordinance for first reading. The proposed ordinance requires grocery stores to charge $0.15 for every paper or plastic bag that is used at checkout.

The City is asking residents, when shopping, to bring reusable bags, boxes, baskets, etc. to carry purchases. Here is an update.

Around The Globe
The Municipal Council of Raichur, in the Indian state of Karnataka, has decided to ban plastic bags. The Council has submitted a proposal to the district administration seeking its action.

The Country of Chad, in central Africa, banned plastic bags in November of last year. According to reports, educating the citizens has been tough.

Two Locales In Maryland Plan To Regulate Plastic Bags
In the state of Maryland, Montgomery County announced a proposal to mandate that retailers charge a fee of five cents for any single-use bag, plastic or paper. The County is adjacent to Washington, DC. If passed, this would create a sort of ‘regional control’ on litter.

Just east of Montgomery County, along the Chesapeake Bay and Chester River, the City Council of Chestertown, Maryland voted to ban plastic bags. An ordinance has been created and will be ratified at the Council’s next meeting on March 21st. Chestertown is a two-hour drive northeast of Washington, DC.

Reusable Bag Fundraiser
In Lindstrom, Minnesota, USA, local elementary school students are helping to save wildlife and the environment. Lakeside Elementary students are having a reusable bag fundraiser. Read the details.

Cities Considering Plastic Bag Bans
El Cerrito, Fort Bragg, Culver City, Arcata, all located in California.

See you next week.

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