Presentation to the Annual Meeting of the Plastic Bag Association circa 1989

Posted by — March 20, 2011 6:47 am

As a Bag Monster, this presentation was a very interesting look at the history of my kind.  However, I’m worried that my friends in the Plastics Industry might not like that this presentation has made it to the web.  In the good old days, we had a lot easier time keeping this stuff hidden.   I suspect that they may presure the author, George Makrauer, past president of the Plastic Bag Association to take it down.  However, perhaps he is angry that they didn’t take his advice.  Check out the description that was added to his  presentation:  “The demise of single-use plastic bags began at their start, shortly after being invented in the 1950s. The public’s disdain for things “plastic” — especially bags — is due to shameful and short-term industry “leadership” without care or concern for any long-term and science-based support.  This slideshow was delivered in 1998 as a warning to the Plastic Bag Association at its Annual Meeting, when that group was being merged into the Society of the Plastics Industry. The warning was ignored. Today’s news tells the results. Written and presented by George Makrauer, president of Comad Group,”  Wow! – The presentation is long and sarcastic, but an excellent read, especially for Bag Monsters.

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