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They’re a brother and sister team who are seasoned activists. They’ve started their own organization whose objectives are to save endangered species, clean up the environment and empower children to make a difference.

Carter and Olivia – Co-founders of One More Generation
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They’re Carter and Olivia and they’re 9 ½ and 8, respectively. Their organization is One More Generation and together, they’re helping to change the world. These two young people actually started out several years ago by “adopting” cheetahs from The Ann van Dyke Cheetah Centre .  As they grew older, they asked their parents why it was necessary to adopt animals and their dad explained that if someone didn’t help, there might not be any wild Cheetahs by the time they grew up.

Carter and Olivia have attended demonstrations (the latest was in Atlanta for a World-Wide Anti Whaling cause) and are preparing for Caring for Creating, a conference at Lake Junaluska, NC in March/April 2011. They will be featured speakers and they are looking forward to what will be their largest presentation (at least to-date!)

These two dynamos have also worked with their home state and federal governments as well. They recently had discussions with their Congresswoman, Lynn Westmoreland, to discuss their support for HR14, a bill that would authorize funding for the study of Ocean Acidification.


Loading for the Trip to the Gulf – courtesy of

Their focus to preserve wildlife has extended to marine life and a growing concern over foreign debris in our oceans. These two understand that what we put in the water seriously affects all life in the seas. Of the many groups and causes with which they are committed, they recently became involved with the Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Rescue Center in New Orleans.  During the Gulf oil spill last year, they made the trip to the center where they delivered much needed supplies. See Here for details of their trip
Carter and Oliva With Their Reusable Bags – Courtesy of

Currently,  Carter and Olivia are focused in rallying Georgia residents to clean their communities of single-use bags. They are meeting with the Mayor of Athens, Georgia to discuss strategies which have been successful in other communities that have banned single-use bags. The dynamic duo have also partnered with the producers of “Bag-It” so the film can be shown at various community meetings and town halls.   Their entire family has sworn off plastic bags and as they use the formula that one re-usable bag is the equivalent of 8 single-use bags, they’ve turned their thriftiness into a multiplication game of how many plastic bags they DON’T use on a weekly basis.

I had the opportunity to speak with Carter and Olivia’s dad on the telephone recently. As proud as he is of his children’s accomplishments,  he is happiest that his children are getting other children involved in making their world a better place.  He feels that with the children of the world uniting for various causes, there will be many more generations of come.

To support Carter and Olivia, and to follow their progress, please go to One More
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