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Posted by — January 4, 2011 9:20 pm

In a surprise move, The Marin County Board of Supervisors has unanimously agreed to delay voting on the ordinance banning single-use plastic bags until the next meeting on January 25.

Photo  courtesy of digitzedchaos
According to an official with the Marin County government,  a “pile of papers, at least six inches thick of  mumbo-jumbo” has been sent to the county by the Save The Plastic Bag Coalition. Although all the coalition’s  objections had been heard previously, he felt the county should have “all i’s completely dotted and t’s crossed” before moving ahead with the vote.  Supervisor McGlashan (District 3) reluctantly made the motion to temporarily table the ordinance, while Supervisor and Board Vice President, Susan Adams, allowed the gathered group of  concerned citizens the time to voice their various opinions and support of the ordinance.

Speakers included Debby Perry of the Marin Waste Management Division, who expressed the department’s support of the ban and Stuart Moody of Green Sangha.  Mr. Moody reported a conversation with the manager of the San Rafael branch of Walgreens who told him their branch is mandated by the corporate office to reduce plastic bag consumption by 20% in 2011.   Also in attendance and speaking in support of the ban was Miriam Gordon of as well as a representative from The Sea Turtle Restoration Project.

Supervisor Adams  went on to address the crowd and stated that that although progress on the plastic bag ban in Marin County may seem slow, approximately 400 Marin retailers have already been certified as “Green Businesses” by the County.  One of the many regulations with which a business must comply to be certified “Green”  is the mandate of utilizing only reusable, non-plastic bags for their customers.  She also assured the crowd that the ordinance to ban plastic bags has the enthusiastic and  unanimous support of  the Marin Supervisors.

This is a battle that must continue to be fought.  Please mark January 25 on your calendars for support of this ordinance to ban single-use plastic bags in Marin County.

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