Latest City To Kick Me Out — Brownsville, Texas

Posted by — January 5, 2011 9:47 pm
I feel so deflated.

I can’t believe it. I’ve been kicked out of Brownsville, Texas. Effective… TODAY.

I had plenty of warning, but somehow I thought there would be an intervention by someone, some group, some company. I have seen other cities and towns in Texas attempt to eliminate my kind:  Dallas, San Antonio,  El Paso, Arlington, all have tried and failed in the last two years. Right now, there are no serious attempts in Texas to get rid of me and my Bag Monster brothers and sisters, except for Brownsville.

Early in 2010, The Brownsville City Commission voted to ban me from the city.  All through 2010, various challenges were made, and failed.  Perhaps the most serious was by the world’s largest paper bag manufacturer, headquartered in, (you guessed it) Brownsville, TX. “Ah Ha!” I boasted to other Bag Monsters, friends and supporters  “Surely the city will bow to economic pressure from one of their own.”  How wrong could I be? Brownsville turned out to be up to the challenge. The Brownsville City Commissioner, Edward Camarillo, told the people that “ You have a company that does not have a market yet wishes to establish a market. I think they’re trying to bully the city.” What’s wrong with a little arm twisting, I ask you.

I continue to hope, but there’s really not too much to base it on.  Everyone seems to be supportive, even the BIG grocery stores, like H-E-B and Walmart. That hurts me pretty bad, especially since those stores continue to be my friends throughout the rest of Texas. What IS a poor Bag Monster going to do?

I know…I’m just gonna get in the wind and float on down the road. I still have friends…somewhere.

Photo by Flickr User: Polandeze
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