Portland – Pioneer Square – A Lifetime of Plastic Bags Displayed for All to See!!

Posted by — August 15, 2010 8:35 am

Today, Hundreds came out to Pioneer Square in Portland to behold the Bag Monster and my island of 45,000 single-use disposable plastic bags, one American lifetime of consumption.  KOIN, Channel 6 came out and did an interview.  When I get the video, I will post.

If you did not know, Portland is in the process of banning flimsy single-use plastic bags and putting a fee on paper bags.  Read More 

Fred Meyer, a major retailer in Portland can’t wait for the ban to take effect and has elimininated single-use bags in their Portland stores.  Read More

Most people in Portland seem to have kicked their single-use bag habit, but I have concerns about Lars Larson.

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