Guest Commentary: Kirsten James from Heal the Bay

Posted by — August 24, 2010 3:46 pm

Last week, Heal the Bay launched a “Mockumentary” narrated by Jeremy Irons entitled the Majestic Plastic Bag. The short film traces the “life” of a plastic bag from its escape from a shopping cart to its “final resting place” in the North Pacific Gyre. The purpose of the piece was to share the critical message of the perils of plastic pollution and the importance of AB 1998 (The Plastic Bag Reduction Act) while using humor to attract a wide audience. We are nearing 200,000 views on YouTube and have received positive feedback from around the world.

In stark contrast, the American Chemistry Council recently launched a million-dollar ad campaign full of misinformation to squash AB 1998. Supposedly the anti-AB 1998 ads in Sacramento actually outnumber those for the gubernatorial race! Unfortunately this is nothing new for the ACC – they spent mega-bucks in Seattle to defeat their plastic bag Ordinance and have launched similar campaigns for previous bag bills in California. Just a reminder that these are the same folks that claim that the plastic additive, Bisphenol A, is safe and worked to kill a bill that banned this harmful chemical in baby bottles. We can’t let big industry dig into their deep pockets and shape critical environmental policy!
This week marks the final few days of the legislative session – that means we only have a few days left to get the votes we need to pass AB 1998. I implore you to take action in support of AB 1998. We can’t let industry win! Please visit our website and find out how you can contact your state Senator to ask for their support:

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