Enviornment California is Requesting Action Today!

Posted by — August 25, 2010 4:35 pm

Dear Californians and Humanity,

With only a 5 days for the California State Legislature to pass the bill to ban plastic bags, the time for action is now. We all know that single use plastic bags are dangerous. They pollute the ocean, the degrade our neighborhoods and they kill turtles and other Sealife.

The bottom line is nothing we use for 5 minutes should last for more than 500 years. The solution is so simple- we all need to bring re-usable bags to the grocery store. Every year in California we use 19 BILLION bags. That is just to many bags and we need to reduce.

The best action you can take RIGHT NOW is calling your state Senator and telling him/ her to pass AB 1998. We know they are hearing from the American Chemistry Council but now they need to hear from us.
Visit Enviornment Califoria’s website and we can help you email your senator.
Thanks and let’s get this done.

Dan Jacobson
Legislative Director
Environment California
916-446-8062 x 105

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