Diary Entry 6: Bubblin’ Crude, Texas Tea, Black Gold

Posted by — August 27, 2010 9:49 pm

I thought going to Texas would be a bit of a home coming for Bag Monster. As I entered the state, my bags around my nose immediately filled with the smell of sulfur, to my right and left were hundreds of oil wells. People tend to get hung up on my composition, some say I am made of oil, others say natural gas, and others say ethylene gas, a byproduct when refining natural gas. Either way you slice it, I am made of fossil fuel, which is a limited natural resource. When I saw a wind-mill farm, a smile formed in my bags. You may be surprised that I liked the wind-mills. You see, the more wind power we use, the less fossil fuel we use for energy production. Keep in mind, you humans are taking extraordinary risks in pursuit of oil, (Think Gulf Oil Spill). Using this precious resource wisely allows fossil fuel to be directed to more important uses, such as making MORE BAG MONSTERS! (Sinister Cackle) (Watch Video)

Even with much of the economy tied to petroleum, Texas doesn’t seem to be a haven for Bag Monsters. I found myself in Austin, where they are fixin’ to be the second city in Texas to ban plastic bags. (Read More). In Dallas, I found a similar situation. I decided to take action, I headed to the storm drains downtown, which, by the way, are bigger in Texas. I found close to 20 Bag Monsters who joined me in a march to City Hall, where we told those humans to “Bag the Ban”. The TV, Newspaper and Others gathered to watch as we told the humans of our plan to take over the Earth and rid the world of humans! (Read More)

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