Diary Entry 4: Idaho vs. Bag Monster

Posted by — August 19, 2010 3:49 am

With “Let it be Perpetual” as a state slogan, and my lifespan of 10 centuries, I thought me and Idaho was meant to be. In this state, they have no plastic bag fees or bans in the works. As a bonus, curb-side recycling is fairly new here.  It is like the good ‘ol days here.

Once I crossed the border, I headed to one of the largest cities in Idaho, Boise where I came across a human activity called Hawks Baseball. They were very friendly and invited me out to the field for what they call the 7th inning stretch. When they gave me a microphone, I explained to the humans my plans for world domination and invited them to meet me downtown and to my surprise they all started to boo and hiss at me. Then the little humans chased me down, jumped on my head and stuck my plastic bags in my mouth. Ironically, they treated me the same way I treat the Albatross. Speaking of large birds, this giant bird came over while I was on the field and tried to eat me. I hate when that happens. They all told me to get out of their town and to never come back.  See the video here.
Despite my mishap, I set up my meet and greet in downtown Boise anyway and regained hope when I met a sandwich making man who loved to put every sandwich he made in a plastic bag without giving his customers a choice. See the interview here. Music to my ears. See the video here.
However in the end, I am choosing to leave Idaho and try my luck in Salt Lake City.

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