DIARY ENTRY 3: The Whole West Coast Hates Me!!!!

Posted by — August 17, 2010 10:57 pm

Hey – this is Bag Monster! I read Andy’s last diary entry and he is RIGHT. He’s playing with fire and he can’t stop the Bag Monster!  I am in charge! 
It is hard being a Bag Monster, trying to live with you humans. You change your minds and have very short memories. Point in case, you celebrated me as a HERO in the 70’s. I was known to be the eco-alternative to paper and you hailed me for saving the trees! When did that all change? Now you want to cast me off to that place you call away. Well I have news for all of you humans – I don’t go away! I am immortal, and will persist for 1,000 years if I am lucky.
I just want to live in the open, free to multiply, to create thousands of span to populate the Earth. I need a place to call home. California, Oregon and the city of Seattle and probably even the state of Washington all are moving to eliminate Bag Monsters. I could stay and fight for my right to be free, but I am tired and would rather go to a place where people still think I am a hero. I am heading to Idaho!!

Signed, Bag Monster

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