DIARY ENTRY 1: Andy Keller Embodies the Bag Monster

Posted by — August 12, 2010 6:45 am

Hello, My name is Andy Keller, you may know me as the founder and inventor of ChicoBag. However did you know I am on a mission to help humanity kick the single use bag habit? It happened almost 6 years ago, before I started making bags, when I found myself at my town’s landfill. The sheer volume of waste disgusted me, with a sickening physical reaction in my gut and chest. Visually, most of what I saw was plastic bags. I thought to myself, “How could a town of 100,000 people create so much waste in a single day?”. It was that moment, I decided to take action.

In the beginning of my journey, I had a very difficult time explaining to people the magnitude of the problem. I would tell people that Americans consume 30 billion single-use plastic bags in 1 year as I watched their eyes glaze over.

I used to carry around a knot of plastic bags that represented the 500 plastic bags that the average American used in one year. That was impactful! What was more impactful was hiding under the pile of bags, waiting and jumping out and scaring people. It was the absolute best conversation starter. It was that day that the Bag Monster revealed himself to me.

The costume, made of 500 bags, represents one American’s annual consumption. I believe the Bag Monster is real and insidious and helps people understand this in a palatable and approachable way. I hope you will support me as I embody the Bag Monster, take on his persona and travel the country showing what a lifetime of plastic bag consumption looks like.

Signed, Andy Keller

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