The Next Step for AB 1998 – A bill to ban plastic bags in California!

Posted by — June 10, 2010 8:59 pm

A Note from Environment California:

The bill to ban plastic grocery bags has passed the Assembly, and now we’re building support in the state Senate, where the going will be tough.

In order to overcome the pressure from our opposition — bag manufacturers and chemical industry lobbyists — who claim that a ban would be anti-business, we are organizing businesses in support of the ban on plastic grocery bags.

Nothing we use for 5 minutes should be swirling around in the ocean for 500 years. Plastic litter harms wildlife, hurts our tourism economy, and is simply unnecessary.

Are you a business owner? Sign on in support of the plastic bag ban!

We need to keep up the pressure if we want to win.

With the Pacific Garbage Patch growing every year, it’s time to do something. The plan ahead for our Great Pacific Cleanup campaign will be to continue to show widespread support for a statewide ban on plastic bags by making our case to the state Senate.

We’re also continuing to push local bans in cities like San Diego and Los Angeles to name a few. We’re pulling out all the stops.

Not a business owner? You can help by emailing this link to someone you know who is!

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