California Bag Ban Bill, AB-1998 Passes

Posted by — April 16, 2010 12:42 am

President and inventor of ChicoBag™, Andy Keller, testified last Tuesday on Ocean’s Day in Sacramento to the Natural Resource Committee on bill AB 1998 which would ban single-use paper and plastic bags in California. Bill 1998 (Brownley-D) passed out of the Natural Resources Committee with a 6-3 vote.

As you can imagine, the discussion largely circulated around the HUGE impact single-use bags have on our earth and marine environment. It has been suggested that debris, such as plastic bags, look similar to, and are mistaken for jellyfish. Plastic bags photo-degrade in the ocean and marine life ingest the particles especially in areas of the Pacific where plastic particles out number zoo-plankton. Not to mention that cost in beach and river clean up and the unsightly litter they create on our roadsides, bushes and trees. (Learn more about the harms of plastic bags).

Keller, in support of AB 1998, touched on the green jobs created by reusable bag companies (an estimated 20 in California) which help stimulate California economy.

It comes as no surprise that the plastic bag lovers (aka The American Chemistry Council and single-use bag manufacturers) obviously spoke out in opposition to the bill. However, their arguments did not sway the committee as the bill passed on a 6-3 vote.

AB 1998 will be revisited in May by the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Stay tuned! Learn how to take action against single-use bags!

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