California AB 1998, Brownley – Amendments to Ban Paper Too!

Posted by — April 8, 2010 12:31 am

California AB 1998 which would have banned single-use plastic bags and charge a 25 cent green fee for paper has been amended to ban BOTH plastic AND paper in California.This is HUGE!

The amended AB 1998 bill would as currently drafted
•    Ban plastic AND paper single-use carryout bags by 2012. Does not apply to bags that are used to carry  bulk items, produce or raw meat to the checkout. 
•    Applies to all supermarkets, large retail w/pharmacies and convenience stores
•    Stores would be required to make reusable bags available for purchase instead of using single-use carryout bags. 

More on AB 1998…
AB 1998 was introduced on February 18th 2010 in California by Julia Brownley, D-Santa Monica 41st Assembly District, in an effort to reduce consumption of single-use bags. “We have long passed the point of simply cutting our six-pack rings to save marine life. Photos abound of turtles eating plastic bags — cute until you learn they died — and autopsied birds stuffed like piñatas with bottle caps. I have introduced a new bill this year, AB1998, which would ban plastic bags and impose a fee on paper bags to wean Californians off their nasty bag habit. We’ve cut other nasty habits, we can cut this habit, too.” Brownley

You have to love her unsweetened attack on the “nasty” single-use bag habits we’ve developed. California is seen as a leader on many movements in sustainability – single-use bags shouldn’t be an exclusion. Choosing to use reusable bags is hardly an inconvenience! Urban litter already accounts for 80% of marine debris causing deaths to birds, marine turtles and other sensitive species that mistake them for food. Not to mention the toxins that enter our food chain! That should be considered an inconvenience! Learn the facts about marine debris

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