Paper or Plastic? Bag Monsters® Battle It Out

Posted by — January 6, 2010 9:50 pm
Check out this video created by Our Renewable Nation about reusable shopping bags. Carrick and his family spent May and June of 2009 traveling the U.S. on an eco-video travel project. Among their destinations was the ChicoBag™ Company in Chico, CA.
Carrick  was in search of answers about single use paper and plastic bags. He was curious about their effects on the environment, and wanted to know what alternative was best.  In an exclusive interview with Andy Keller, ChicoBag™ President and Inventor, Carrick gets the answers he is looking for and settles the question of paper or plastic, once and for all.
Watch the video to learn all about reusable shopping bags and the reasons they are a more sustainable choice than single use paper or plastic. Don’t miss the Bag Monster® battle at the end of the video to find out who is victorious in the fight between paper and plastic bags.

Check out the extended version which features additional questions and answers from Andy.
Learn more about Our Renewable Nation, A Cross-Country Eco-Video Adventure

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