Bag Monster® Week in Review

Posted by — December 4, 2009 11:54 pm

Here’s the latest on the reusable bag movement:

  •  Delaware has passed a law requiring stores with more than 7,000 square feet or chains with at least three stores of 3,000 retail square feet to sell reusable shopping bags and install recycling bins. Read more
  • A plastic bag ban is now in effect for the community of Nain, in northern Labrador. The plastic bag ban was voted on in July and went into effect December 1, 2009. The community of 1,200 used more than 100,000 plastic bags per year.  Read more 
  • In July, Penang, Malaysia launched a “No Plastic Bag Day” campaign banning the distribution of free single use bags each Monday.  The program has been expanded to include Tuesday and Wednesday as bag free days as well. Those who insist on having a plastic bag will be charged 20 sen.  Read more
  • A final decision on the single-use bag ban in Fort McMurray has been delayed until December 8, 2009. At the last council meeting, an amendment was made to the bylaw to include single-use paper bags. Read more

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