Bag Monster® Week in Review

Posted by — October 23, 2009 9:05 pm

Single-use bag news has been rolling in all week.  Here are the updates:

  • Florida officials discuss a statewide single-use bag ban. Read More
  • Just in time for the holidays retailers are beginning to reward customers for bringing reusable bags. Target offers a 5-cent discount for every reusable bag you use and CVS will give you a $1 credit for every four trips that you bring your own bag. Read More 
  • Dubai Ministry of the Environment and Water launched a three year campaign to ban plastic bags by 2013 and encourage reusable bags. Read More 
  • San Francisco Mayor proposed a 10-cent rebate to customers who bring their own reusable bags and may ban paper bags next. Read More  
  • International Day of Climate Action is tomorrow. Read More
Bag Monster® has been all over the place lately.  He had a great time at Bioneers last weekend, got to rock out with some of the Greenschools students and is going to be attending International Day of Climate Action events tomorrow. Check back on Monday for an update on what Bag Monster® has been up to.  

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