Bay Area Environmental Group Launches Second Annual "Bring Your Own Bag" Campaign

Posted by — September 22, 2009 3:08 pm

This week, a Bay Area environmental outreach group, the Bay Area Recycling Outreach Coalition (Bayroc), will launch their second annual Bring Your Own Bag Campaign (BYOB). As talk about global climate change increases around the world, people everywhere are starting to talk about what actions they can take to make a difference in protecting our environment. One issue that has gained international attention over the past couple of years is the problem of single-use grocery bags.

In the Bay Area, it is estimated that 3.8 million bags are used annually. Nationally, plastic bags are used at a rate of 100 billion each year. There are a myriad of efforts to reduce disposable bag use including legislative proposals that would place a fee or ban on plastic bags or require stores to implement public education programs to reduce bags. In the Bay Area, there are widespread efforts to mandate that plastic bags be banned from supermarkets and pharmacies, or to charge a fee on bags to create a customer incentive to bring one’s own reusable bag. San Francisco banned plastic bags in 2007 and several other municipalities have followed suit with similar legislative proposals.

To complement these efforts, a coalition of Bay Area government agencies is launching their second annual Bring Your Own Bag Campaign. The Bay Area Recycling Outreach Coalition, known as BayROC, has developed a public education campaign that aims to remind consumers to bring their bags to the grocery store, as well as educate about the positives of using reusable bags, including their durability and capacity to hold more groceries. In addition to their website,, BayROC partnered with San Francisco State University to develop a suite of ads for print, radio, and television media. SFSU students created all of the ads developed this year with input from BayROC staff.

The campaign is set to launch tomorrow, September 23rd throughout the nine Bay Area counties and run for four weeks. At select supermarkets, BayROC members and volunteers will be educating customers about reusable bags, asking customers to take a pledge to use durable bags in exchange for a free bag, as well as coordinating with supermarket managers to paint reminder stencils reading, “Got your bags?” in parking lots.

For more information visit To view more ads like the one below that were created for BayROC click here.

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