Bag Monster Sighting!

Posted by — June 4, 2009 7:13 pm

The Bag Monster™ was prepared for a day of fun at the GreenSchools™ Community Fair, held at Massachusetts’ Wolburn High School. The Bag Monster received a lot of attention from the GreenSchools students, but they were not fooled by the Bag Monster’s charm…the students know all about the harm of plastic bags to the environment and are doing what they can to take action.

Much to the Bag Monster’s chagrin, GreenSchools has sided with the enemy and the organization even sells ChicoBags™ to encourage humanity to kick the single-use bag habit!

The Bag Monster would have loved to stay longer, and threatened to send a Bag Monster Spawn back to visit, but these students seemed serious about their commitment to do away with plastic bags for good.

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