Plastic Bag Ban in Fairfax earns decisive victory!

Posted by — November 6, 2008 7:05 pm

Despite the best efforts of the plastic bag industry, Democracy and the environment prevailed in the small town of Fairfax, CA. Through a decisive victory with 79% of the vote, Measure C bypasses a plastic bag industry lawsuit aimed to prevent the ban.

Fairfax residents enthusiastically approved the bag ban November 4, 2008. This success was preceded by a lawsuit filed by plastic bag manufacturers causing the Town Council to back down on its plastic bag ban. Reusable bag sales are expected to rise dramatically and help the small town’s retail sector a great dealapparently giving away plastic bags isn’t profitable for business.

The Marin Independent Journal writes:

Fairfax voters backed a ban on plastic bags…

The Measure C ban on bags ended a two-year struggle by the Town Council and environmental groups Green Sangha and Sustainable Fairfax to remove plastic bags from stores and restaurants.

“This sets a precedent for other communities to take matters into their hands and vote for local democracy,” said Renee Goddard of Sustainable Fairfax. “We as a community can actually have an effect on what we do in terms of polluting or not polluting our planet.”

The Fairfax council proposed a ban in 2007, but made the measure voluntary after bag manufacturers Emerald Packaging Inc. and Fresh Pak Corp. threatened to sue, arguing that the town failed to hold an environmental review. Ballot measures do not require such a review.

The Fairfax ban follows similar measures in Oakland, San Francisco and even China.

(Report was edited to remove info unrelated to the bag ban.)

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