Plastic bag causes plane crash: Bag Monsters deny envolvement

Posted by — October 1, 2008 6:15 pm

Plastic bags pose greater threat to humans than scientists have let on.

Is this the beginning of a Bag Monster counter-offensive to the reusable bag movement?
Bag Monster spawn – commonly known as plastic bags – latched onto a plane’s air intake ducts with catastrophic results.

The plane engine sputtered at 700 feet and the aircraft began a plastic-induced downward spiral toward a residential neighborhood. The pilot attempted to land on a neighborhood street but clipped a street lamp slinging the plane out of control damaging four houses and killing one passenger – a 44-year-old surgeon from Switzerland.

Save lives – Adopt a consistent reusable bag habit.
Bag Monsters are the alternative to reusable ChicoBags.

The age of disposable plastic bags is over.
Move forward with reusable ChicoBags.
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