Plastic bag companies pay $180,625 to fight Seattle bag fee –

Posted by — September 12, 2008 7:39 pm

With all that cash, they could have provided more than 70,000 reusable ChicoBags to the people they claim they’re trying to protect from an undue financial burden of 20 cents.

People can adapt to change, but it’s obvious the plastic bag industry can’t:
It’s time they went the way of the dinosaurs!

So really, do plastic bag companies care about poor people?

“It’s also worth noting that if the [plastic bag industry] had taken their dollars to Safeway, they could have purchased 180,625 cans of nourishing, environmentally friendly beans or 126,311 bags of Safeway yellow cornmeal. Or hell, some of each. They could have wrapped all of those bags and cans up in saran wrap, packaged the saran wrap bundles in flimsy beige plastic bags, and given that food to poor people.”

Read the full blog entry here.

Read more about the dirty dealings of the plastic bag industry here.

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