CA Bag Legislation Still Alive: Call in your support

Posted by — August 15, 2008 11:08 pm

Tough Guy (Dr Markus Ericksen of Algalita Research Foundation) on AB 2058.

Please support the bag bill!
Contact Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata: (916) 651-4009
Assembly Speaker Karen Bass: (916) 319-2047
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger: (213) 897-0322.

Contrary to industry claims, bringing your own bag produces significant economic and environmental benefits. Families are now paying twice for using plastic and paper bags — through higher grocery bills (costs are embedded in food prices) and government taxes and fees. About $375 million each year is spent in California on cleanups and other efforts to mitigate the environmental effect of disposable bags, costing each household about $200.

Nations around the world have shown that a fee-per-bag policy can reduce bag use by 90% overnight. Such a reduction would save hundreds of millions of dollars a year in lower grocery bills and tax expenditures. In this time of economic uncertainty, we need to champion AB 2058, not shelve it. The bill would require that all revenues from the fee be used for litter cleanup activities, providing free, reusable bags to low-income families and implementation of programs to reduce global warming.

Supervisors Yvonne B. Burke and Zev Yaroslavsky represent Los Angeles County’s 2nd District and 3rd District, respectively. They wrote to the LA Times on August 15th…

Read the full LA Times Op-Ed

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