$500 REWARD for best overall photo or video leading to the arrest of the Bag Monster.

Posted by — October 31, 2007 10:31 pm

$500 REWARD for best overall photo or video leading to the arrest of the Bag Monster. We want to reward you for your help compiling data on the Bag Monsters’ behaviors and habits so we can raise public awareness about Single-Use Plastic Bag Bans and the environmental impact of Single-Use Plastic Bags. As we learn more about the Bag Monster, we come closer to its arrest, and you come closer to winning the grand prize of $500! The Bag Monsters could be at a public event in the San Francisco Bay Area, under your sink, out in the wilderness, or else where. Send us your photos of Bag Monsters!


Grand Prize: Best overall photo or film

Best YouTube film,

Best Bag Monster Busters photo,

Best Bag Monster or bag monster spawn photo from inside your home (under a sink perhaps).

Best photo showing impact of plastic bags and Bag Monsters on nature.

Terms and Conditions of Contest: Grand Prize ($500) will be awarded to one person for photo or video that best raises awareness of habits of, and dangers posed by the Bag Monster and single-use plastic bags. To be eligible, you must use one of two options to enter photo/video in contest: Option 1) Send photo/video to info@bagmonster.com. Option 2) Send Flickr, YouTube, etc link that judges and others can access to view your photo/video to info@bagmonster.com In order to be eligible, photo/video must be accessible to our judges and all other web surfers. By submitting photo/video you confirm that it is your original content. One $500 grand prize to be awarded for best overall photo or video. Winners in other categories will each receive a Sustainability kit that will include ChicoBags, a Kleen Kanteen, energy efficient light bulbs, and a “U-Mix-It Safe Spray” you can use to clean your home in an environmentally friendly manner. One sustainability kit will be awarded to each category winner. More prizes may be announced. Submission of photo/video means you confirm it is your original content and that you give consent that ChicoBag may use submitted images for educational and promotional purposes indefinitely.

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